Sunday, August 16, 2009

True Muslims, DEEPLY, DEEPLY OFFENDING (without so intending) by Living their beliefs, should NEVER INFLICT them unnecessarily...

True Believers, DEEPLY, DEEPLY OFFENDING by Living their beliefs (without so
intending to offend) should not inflict themselves unnecessarily on anyone...
to the point of removing themselves regardless of whether this means extreme extreme
personal inconvenience, sacrifice, suffering... for themselves.

True for the True Muslim, but also for the True Christian, True Atheist,  True Devote of Extreme
Tough Universal Love, True Jew....  This is the way of ALL True Believers.

We are all brothers and sisters and must CARE to avoid causing unnecessary
suffering of others, even for practicing what we believe.  No, it is not that the True Believer
should cease Living  their beliefs, NOR EVER APOLOGIZE for doing so!!!!  But they
should likely, immediately remove themselves. 

For example, a scorpion has every reason, right AND OBLIGATION to be a scorpion and should always
do so, but should not make his home among deer, regardless of what personal pain,
suffering or inconvenience that might cause the scorpion, unless by some miracle the
deer are tolerant of his occasional, unintended sting, which is unavoidable by virtue of
Living as a True Scorpion.

Now, there can be important exceptions; for example, a skunk, much offending of all
other creatures, seeing his beloved lambs threatened by circling wolves MUST INFLICT
HIMSELF among the lambs that they not be devoured, but upon the threat being removed,
and the lambs rediscovering their deep offense, the skunk must promptly remove himself.

Or, a chemo therapy drug, must never inflict himself upon a body, for all the pain and
discomfort that brings, even upon a cancerous body, UNLESS or UNTIL that drug reasonably
perceives that by inflicting himself at that time on that cancer he can likely bring about health,
or the elimination of needless suffering.  At the point its job is done, or its theory disproved
(that it can bring health to THAT body, at THAT time), this cancer drug must avoid inflicting
itself further if it is bringing about ongoing pain, suffering, sickness..., regardless of what
consequences it faces personally.

And there are a few other exceptions along those lines.

This is the way of True Belief.

That is the way of Universal Love.